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Neck Pain

St. Louis Neck Pain Auto Accident

St. Louis Auto Accident Neck Pain

One of the most common injuries you may experience after being in an auto accident is neck pain, which can be caused by whiplash. Neck pain can be a source of significant discomfort and can hinder one’s lifestyle.

This neck pain is marked by the sudden jolt one experiences when involved in a car crash, which involves backward and forward movements of the neck, stretching the ligaments and muscles found in the neck. Some symptoms include pain and stiffness in the neck, limited motion, and headache. Another probable cause is disc injury, which is marked by the compression of the outer discs found in the neck.

While medications can help relieve the pain, chiropractic helps solve the root of the problem. By realigning the misaligned bones, chiropractic ensures not only the elimination of neck pain but also a reduction in chances of re occurrences.

Chiropractic techniques aimed towards relieving neck pain include cervical mobilization and manual cervical traction. In cervical mobilization, the chiropractor manually transfers the neck vertebra from one side to another. These movements vary from side to side. This gentle technique of stretching helps increase the mobility of the neck, especially in places where it previously caused pain.

In manual cervical traction, the chiropractor pulls the neck to stretch the cervical spine. Such a movement is directed towards finding an angle where it hurts the most and targeting it. By extending the spine in an angle that hurts, manual cervical traction aims to restore mobility in the concerned angle.

All in all, chiropractic is one of the likely treatments that can be sought if you experience neck pain after being a victim of a car crash. Daily Chiropractic is located in St. Louis, Missouri and we thrive to provide great treatment for Auto Accident Victims. Other treatments involve intake of medications to relieve pain and other symptoms. However, no treatment is found to be better than chiropractic which is sought for most injuries caused by car crashes and auto accidents.