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Shoulder Pain

St. Louis Auto Accident Shoulder Pain

St. Louis Auto Accident Shoulder Pain

Car crashes and other auto accidents can lead to many painful injuries. One such injury is shoulder pain, which is one of the most common pains experienced after being in a car crash. It is also the most complicated one to diagnose.

Shoulder pain can arise due to many reasons. It can result from broken shoulder bones due to the forceful movement of the body from a collision or an abrupt stop of a vehicle, which may cause a person to slam into the inner parts of the automobile. Such actions can cause the shoulder to pop out of the joint or tear the rotator cuff. Another reason can be the overstretching, inflammation, and swelling of muscle fiber. The ligaments situated in the shoulder stretch and swell, causing shoulder pain. Such swelling may arise in a span of two to three days, leading to the late onset of the symptoms. Common symptoms of a shoulder injury include a painful and stiff shoulder marked by a feeling of numbness and swelling in the affected area.

Chiropractic is known to treat a broad range of car crash and automobile injuries. We have already established its immense contribution to treating personal injuries. It also plays an integral role in treating shoulder pain.

One of the most effective treatments for shoulder pain and discomfort is advanced deep tissue laser therapy. This treatment successfully reduces inflammation and swelling in the shoulder joint. It also helps heal the damaged muscle tissue, which reduces the chance of improper scar formation. This significantly reduces the probability of reoccurrence of the pain or muscle damage.

Therapeutic exercises also serve to rehabilitate the damaged muscles. These exercises are divided into three phases, namely restoring motion, endurance, and strength. Restoring movement involves multiple exercises designed to reduce stiffness experienced in the shoulder and restore full mobility of the joint.

To restore endurance, muscle movement exercises are repeated, and the muscle groups are trained to do work in a way which facilitates your usual shoulder movements. Finally, increasing the strength of the damaged muscle helps reduce the chance of similar damage in the future.

All in all, chiropractic is an excellent solution for shoulder pain caused by auto accidents. Other treatments may also be sought, which include medication and surgery. Although, your first and best choice is to call Daily Chiropractic today at 314.892.8399