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St. Louis Auto Accident Migraine

St. Louis Auto Accident Concussions

Various symptoms are experienced by a person following a car crash. Headaches and concussions are among the most common complaints that patients present. As a valued St. Louis Auto Accident Chiropractor we are here to help.

There could be various reasons for the person experiencing these symptoms. Perhaps he has suffered whiplash or maybe an impaction injury. Damage to any area of the brain can also be responsible for the same. Some common symptoms that patients present after auto accidents include dizziness, vertigo, headache, concussions, memory lapses, neck pain, and lightheaded. It is important to understand that the regions present at the base of the skull are rather sensitive. Spatial orientation and balance are dependent on these structures which impart pivotal information. When these areas suffer any damage, patients experience loss of balance and spatial awareness, thereby experiencing dizziness, vertigo, and headache.

Functional neurology comes into play when we talk about the treatment of these complaints. Using it, a diagnosis is made regarding the area of the nervous system that has incurred damage. A targeted treatment is then started. Chiropractic treatment is one option that is useful in restoring normal feedback to the affected regions. Spatial awareness training is another treatment option that is often used. Cervical decompression, cold laser therapy, and dietary modifications are other treatment options that are commonly used to restore normal neurological health.

The thing about these complaints is that people often neglect them and fail to realize the importance of seeking intervention at the earliest. To attain relief from the complaints completely and successfully, it is important that the patient is provided with the required care at the earliest. Therefore, these are not the complaints that should be neglected. Instead, if you have been in a car crash, it is advisable to get a complete checkup done and notify the doctor about any symptom you have been facing, lest the issue gets bigger. This is your neurological health that is at risk and not a matter to be taken lightly.