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PMS / Menopause

St. Louis Acupuncture Menopause and PMS

St. Louis Acupuncture Menopause and PMS

PMS is a natural occurrence in every woman, but not all women suffer from the symptoms of PMS. Almost 80% women in this world suffer from PMS and can witness a range of symptoms that can vary from mild to severe. It is thought that acupuncture is a great way of relieving some of these symptoms along with the pain that you may suffer due to cramps. According to Chinese medicine, these symptoms occur due to blocked energy, which can lead to a buildup of pressure in your body. The pressure buildup can be both emotional and physical and presents itself as various symptoms of PMS.

When you go for acupuncture, these pressure points are determined, and needles are used to prick them to help the energy flow smoothly, which relieves the body of the symptoms. Acupuncture assists in ensuring that the energy circulation in the body is smooth during PMS as the symptoms occur due to hindrance in the flow. If you get the treatment done regularly, you will see that these symptoms are significantly reduced.

Menopause is a different story, though. It is thought to occur as the body is no longer able to produce enough blood to manage loss through periods. When there is no loss, the blood does not get a chance to drain itself and clean out the kidneys. The blood then goes directly to the heart and circulates throughout the body. When your body experiences this change, it comes with a few symptoms as well, some of which are the same as PMS. The same reasoning of pressure is applied here, and acupuncture helps in reliving those pressure points to allow energy to flow smoothly throughout your body.

We offer Acupuncture in St. Louis for PMS and menopause. Consultants ensure that they have pinpointed the pressure points and use them to unknot the stress and pressure buildup, which are a primary cause of these symptoms. Within a few sessions, you will notice the difference in the symptoms and you can carry on with your ordinary life.