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We offer chiropractic treatments,stop smoking, acupuncture, and massage to the St. Louis area. We are located in South County. Our mission is to offer a quality oppourtunity for locals to get the best out of their health and their life! Dr. Dennis Daily, chiropractic physician, has been providing unique chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy options for over 20 years! Many can attest that these methods have indeed helped them cope with their medical conditions, or by simply getting along within the rigors of their daily lives.

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Proudly serving the areas of: Oakville-Mehlville 63129 • Afton 63123 • Sunset Hills 63128 • Arnold 63010 • Imperial 63012 • St. Louis 63103 • Webster 63119 • Kirkwood 63122 • St. Louis Hills 63109 • Crestwood 63126 • St. Louis 63108 • Columbia Illinois 62236 • Waterlo Illinois 62298 • St. Charles 63301 & more!

Superior Stop Smoking Treatment

Industry leading tactics

After years of experience in the industry we have perfected our methods. Using our very own revolutionary tactics to have the highest success rate as possible.

Natural Health

Auricular Therapy is a safe and painless treatment used to help you to stop smoking for good. Our stop smoking treatment can eliminate the cravings for nicotine and provide you with a feeling of relaxation.

Superior Program

A stop smoking program that strives for excellence and is geared towards superior patient treatment is part of his practice to reach out to people who want a lifestyle change that could save their lives.

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Auto Accidents

The ideal way of treatment for auto accident victims

The victims of auto accidents often ignore a stiff neck or sore back under the wrong impression that they have only minor injury that can heal on its own within a few days. However, the real fact is that when there are injuries as a result of auto accidents the body gives the indication by way of pain and the victim is supposed to attend to the problem immediately in order to avoid more complications. When the injury is left untreated, it may lead to other health problems of serious nature. It is all the more important for the victims of auto accidents to get their back pain treated by a Chiropractic expert. It is quite possible that the discs of auto accident victims get protruded out and compress the nerves in the spinal column. As a result the victim may have loss of feeling, severe pain, inability to move arms and shoulders and even uncontrollable excretion of urine.

The victims of auto accidents are provided with an evaluation report and protocol for treatment by the chiropractor. After evaluation of the body and considering the exact problem they finalize the chiropractic treatment program. For proper diagnosis, they make use of X-Rays as well as MRI. In the chiropractic method of treatment, therapeutic procedures are adopted for healing the injury. The various therapies utilize facilitates strengthening of the muscles that were injured. It will also enable the muscles to regain mobility after curing the pain as well as swelling. Chiropractic treatment also includes acupuncture therapy, massage and various other holistic methods.

The chiropractic method of treatment ensures the victims of auto accidents complete relief from pain as well as pressure. The chiropractors will realign the neck of the patient and also adjust the spine. Besides curing the pain due to the injury, this type of treatment can also boost the immune system of the patient, thereby enabling him to get back to his regular activities as soon as possible. We adopt various techniques to tempt the body to initiate the healing process. Besides manual adjustments they adapt massage therapy, exercises, rehabilitation activities, dual manipulation, applied kinesiology, and various other methods. Chiropractic method of treatment is found to be very effective in all types of injuries caused by auto accidents like sciatica, neck pain, spine pain, whiplash and headaches.

Acupuncture has had a presence in China for four thousand years (and counting). Medical practitioners recognize this and have been prescribing it for stimulating nerve endings and management of pain. St. Louis acupuncture services are available to people who need this one of a kind procedure.

Chiropractic medicine has existed for decades, and many see it as a refreshing alternative to acquiring health. It is a natural and holistic way to a healthy, without the drugs and risky, invasive medical procedures common around the world. Coupled with Chinese acupuncture and massage therapy, chiropractic treatments have been proven and recognized by many doctors as a stress and physical tension relieving solution that increases systemic circulation.

Massage therapy, in conjunction with other chiropractic procedures and acupuncture, gives remarkable results in the well-being of patients treated at the St. Louis massage therapy facilities and clinics as well. It relieves tension and increases relaxation to undergo other procedures.

Our Mission

A natural way to health, and well-being; this is the vision carried by Dr. Dennis Daily that helps more and more individuals in their lives.

Get the best experiences today with this St. Louis chiropractor, the most recognized practitioner from Logan University in Chesterfield. The Daily Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers a variety of services and solutions for you - chiropractic care, auricular therapy, stop smoking help, and massage therapy sessions. We are one of the recognized and accredited St. Louis acupuncture clinics that offer the traditional techniques adapted to modern proceedings that benefit the patient.

Many lives have improved with the proven methods and expertise of Dr. Dennis Daily. Start making a change in your life and get back on the road to health. Contact us at (314) 892-8399 to get your appointment.



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