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The Best and Recognized Chiropractor of St. Louis!
Chiropractic medicine has existed for decades, and many see it as a refreshing alternative to acquiring health. It is a natural and holistic way to a healthy, without the drugs and risky, invasive medical procedures common around the world. Coupled with Chinese acupuncture and massage therapy, chiropractic treatments have been proven and recognized by many doctors as a stress and physical tension relieving solution that increases systemic circulation.

St. Louis chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, and massage offer a good chance for locals to get the best out of their health and their life! Dr. Dennis Daily, chiropractic physician, has been providing unique chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy options to many who can attest that these methods have indeed helped them cope with their medical conditions, or by simply getting along within the rigors of their daily lives.

Chiropractic medicine is used to treat patients with back and neck pain. Care for patients who had been injured or have disorders in the musculoskeletal system. Counseling patients on health and nutrition, including exercise are also part of this medicine practice, which involves lifestyle modification for a healthier you.

Acupuncture has had a presence in China for four thousand years (and counting). Medical practitioners recognize this and have been prescribing it for stimulating nerve endings and management of pain. St. Louis acupuncture services are available to people who need this one of a kind procedure.

Massage therapy, in conjunction with other chiropractic procedures and acupuncture, gives remarkable results in the well-being of patients  treated at the St. Louis massage therapy facilities and clinics as well. It relieves tension and increases relaxation to undergo other procedures.

A natural way to health, and well-being; this is the vision carried by Dr. Dennis Daily that helps more and more individuals in their lives.  A stop smoking program that strives for excellence and is geared towards superior patient treatment is part of his practice to reach out to people who want a lifestyle change that could save their lives.

A number of procedures and treatments are offered at our clinic, to name a few:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Acupuncture (allergies, migraines, pain, and infertility)
  • Sports injuries
  • Auto accidents/personal injury
  • Peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia acupuncture programs
  • Adrenal stress saliva testing
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Acupuncture weight loss programs
  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Massage therapy (myofascial, deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, and sports massage)
  • Chair massage
  • Chiropractic techniques (diversified, cox flexion/distraction, and activator)
  • Stop smoking/auricular therapy
  • Children’s chiropractic care and therapy
  • Relaxation acupuncture/massage combo treatment
  • Corporate and group stop smoking (groups of 10 or more)
  • Standard process nutrition and 21 day purification program

Acupuncture Fertility treatment is a proven alternative therapy for women whose fertility has been affected by hormonal imbalance. Application of acupuncture has given positive results for many women. Women who had irregular menstrual cycle could regularize the same as a result of acupuncture treatment. In the acupuncture method sterile needles that are ultra-thin are inserted at specific points of the body. These points regulate the functioning of the body when they are needed. Acupuncture fertility treatment consists of needling at specific points and the application of herbal medicines. These treatment methods are centuries old. The ovarian as well as follicular function in females gets a boost as a result of acupuncture and herbal medicines. Acupuncture fertility treatment is a kind of physical therapy.

Treating different types of fertility disorders

Several types of fertility disorders can be rectified by acupuncture fertility treatment. Acupuncture treatment is effective in de-spasming of the spasmed tubes. The elevated follicle stimulating hormone is treated by a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicines. Acupuncture fertility treatment is also effective in polycystic ovarian syndrome, luteal phase defect, hyperprolactinemia, idiopathic infertility, repeated miscarriage and male factor including sperm-DNA-fragmentation.  Acupuncture fertility treatment is not a risky method. However, identification of the correct acupuncture points is very important. Hence, once should get the treatment from an acupuncturist who specializes in acupuncture fertility treatment.



Acupuncture for sinus problems

Sinus problems can also be cured by way of Acupuncture Sinus Allergies treatment. Many people suffer from breathing problem as a result of clogged sinuses. By inserting needles at specific points they are opened, thereby providing immediate relief to the patient.  Chronic sinus infections are treated by a combination of acupuncture sinus allergy treatment and herbal medicines. Even for the most severe cases of bad sinuses acupuncture and herbs are administered thereby avoiding antibiotics that may cause harmful side effects. In Western medicine, there is no remedy that can provide complete cure from chronic sinus infection. But, acupuncture sinus allergy treatment can cure these infections completely.

Treatment of sinusitis

The extreme seasons here in St. Louis will be miserable for those who are affected by acute sinus problems. Sinusitis is one among the most common diseases and millions of people suffer due to this ailment. Swelling of the mucous membrane and excess production of watery mucus are the consequences of either a change of weather or an allergy. The yellow or green color of the mucus indicates bacterial infection. The nasal passage is blocked as a result of swelling of the sinus tissues. This leads to headache. The other symptoms include fever, heaviness in the head, nasal congestion and nasal discharge, stuffy nose, nosebleed, sore throat and facial pressure. Acupuncture sinus allergy treatment and Chinese herbs are the most ideal remedies for sinusitis.

Skullcap, magnolia and cocklebur are the herbs that are traditionally used for curing sinusitis. Magnolia is very effective in curing sinus problems as well as nasal congestion. In the traditional Chinese method of acupuncture sinus allergy treatment, magnolia, the lily shaped flower is used.

Auto Accident

Chiropractic – the ideal way of treatment for auto accident victims

The victims of auto accidents often ignore a stiff neck or sore back under the wrong impression that they have only minor injury that can heal on its own within a few days. However, the real fact is that when there are injuries as a result of auto accidents the body gives the indication by way of pain and the victim is supposed to attend to the problem immediately in order to avoid more complications. When the injury is left untreated, it may lead to other health problems of serious nature. It is all the more important for the victims of auto accidents to get their back pain treated by a Chiropractic expert. It is quite possible that the discs of auto accident victims get protruded out and compress the nerves in the spinal column. As a result the victim may have loss of feeling, severe pain, inability to move arms and shoulders and even uncontrollable excretion of urine.

Chiropractic treatment for auto accident victims

The medical professionals at Daily Chiropractic are well experienced in treating the victims of auto accidents and they have all the equipments as well as facilities to diagnose and treat back pain. They have the expertise to cure even severe back pain without surgery and without giving powerful pain killers that can cause various harmful side effects. We treat victims of auto accidents daily and a lot of accident victims with injured neck and spine or with whiplash. The specialists in these clinics correctly diagnose the problem and provide the best remedy that ensures relief from the pain. In most of the cases the chiropractic treatment will be natural as well as gentle. All chiropractic treatments are covered by auto insurance. The patient may find out from his insurance agent whether Dr. Daily is covered by the insurance.

The chiropractic procedure

The victims of auto accidents are provided with an evaluation report and protocol for treatment by the chiropractor. After evaluation of the body and considering the exact problem they finalize the chiropractic treatment program. For proper diagnosis, they make use of X-Rays as well as MRI. In the chiropractic method of treatment, therapudic procedures are adopted for healing the injury. The various therapies utilize facilitates strengthening of the muscles that were injured. It will also enable the muscles to regain mobility after curing the pain as well as swelling. Chiropractic treatment also includes acupuncture therapy, massage and various other holistic methods.

What they do?
The chiropractic method of treatment ensures the victims of auto accidents complete relief from pain as well as pressure. The chiropractors will realign the neck of the patient and also adjust the spine. Besides curing the pain due to the injury, this type of treatment can also boost the immune system of the patient, thereby enabling him to get back to his regular activities as soon as possible. We adopt various techniques to tempt the body to initiate the healing process. Besides manual adjustments they adapt massage therapy, exercises, rehabilitation activities, dual manipulation, applied kinesiology, and various other methods. Chiropractic method of treatment is found to be very effective in all types of injuries caused by auto accidents like sciatica, neck pain, spine pain, whiplash and headaches.


Get Chiropractic Arch Supports and Protect Your Feet

Our feet form the foundation of our body. The feet support the body during all activities and the body is mobile because of the feet. When the bones and muscles of the feet are wrongly aligned we get foot pain. While we walk we use more than 208 muscles. The impact of walking experienced by these muscles is transformed to other parts of the body like knees, hips, lower back and the bones. When the feet are not functioning properly, we experience pain in the knee, hip and lower back. Doctors recommend the use of Chiropractor arch Supports for your feet for their protection and prevention of foot complaints. The Chiropractor arch supports are custom made and it is made of shock-absorbing materials that can provide support to the body. When the chiropractor arch supports are worn inside the shoes, the feet will be kept in the exact positions thereby ensuring proper alignment.

Why Arch Support?
Wearing the Chiropractic arch supports are considered as a preventive measure to avoid problems with the feet that may lead to hip pain, knee pain, and back pain. The arch support provides comfort to the feet. One may opt for the Chiropractic arch supports depending on his or her age, body weight and intensity of activities. The orthotics provide support to the foot as well as ankle when we walk or exercise. It provides stability as well as comfort to the foot. The arch support ensures proper distribution of the weight, thereby providing relief from pain and other discomforts. The arch support can be made according to the type of the shoe also. The chiropractic arch supports are of immense use for those who suffer from knee pain, lower back pain, hip pain, flat feet, shin splints, bunions etc.

Other benefits
The chiropractic arch supports ensures better balance and control. It ensures even distribution of weight and prevents fatigue of the legs and feet. The custom orthotics provide support to the feet and ensures better postural stability. It prevents abnormality in the functioning of the foot that may cause pain and discomfort. The chiropractic arch supports are made specifically for each individual and is tailored to get maximum support and comfort.

What is plantar fasciits?          
Plantar fasciitis is a type of pain experienced by adults. This occurs as a result of inflammation or over stretching of the plantar fascia; the fibrous tissues along the bottom of the foot that are attached to the heel bone as well as the base of the toes. The causes of plantar faciitis are ageing, overweight, running long distances and overpronation. Plantar fasciitis leads to the formation of bone spurs as a result of calcium deposits where the fascia is torn.

Symptoms and treatments
Pain in the heel is the symptom of plantar faciitis. The pain will be more severe in the morning. Rest, compression and reduction of physical activities are the remedies for plantar faciitis. Doctors recommend chiropractic arch supports for those who suffer due to plantar faciitis. Weight bearing on the heel leads to heel pain and plantar fasciitis is a type of heel pain. Those who wear shoes without proper arch support are likely to develop plantar fasciitis.


Different types of massage therapy

There are different types of massage therapy such as neuromuscular, deep tissue and myofascial. Neuromuscular is the most effective type of massage. It is also known as trigger point Myotherapy. In this type of massage concentrated pressure is applied to the areas affected by muscle spasm at alternating levels. Usually the massage is applied using fingers, knuckles, or the elbow.

Why massage therapy?
When we touch the muscles that are in spasm we experience severe pain. The pain is because of poor blood flow as a result of the muscle spasm. When there is insufficient blood flow, the muscles starve for oxygen. Lack of oxygen makes the muscles to produce lactic acid that makes the muscle feel sore during physical activities. The muscles get relaxed as a result of massage and start getting sufficient quantities of blood and oxygen. Neuromuscular therapy will be painful initially. However, this type of massage can cure the muscle spasm. The massage should not be abnormally painful. The therapist will listen to the response from the patient and accordingly adjust the pressure of the massage. Neuromuscular therapy provides relief from pain by way of applying static pressure on the specific myofascial points. Neuromuscular therapy is very effective in the treatment of trigger points, nerve compression, ischemia, postural distortion, and biomechanical dysfunction.

Treatment of chronic aches and pains
Chronic aches and pains and contractions such as low back pain, upper back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders, and tight leg muscles are treated by deep tissue massage. In this type of massage therapy the deeper layers of muscles as well as connective tissues are realigned. In this type of massage the movement is slow and the pressure is deeper. The pressure is concentrated on the painful areas so as to reach the fascia. Chronis muscle injury causes adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments. As a result of the adhesion, blood circulation is blocked, thereby causing pain and inflammation. By way of deep tissue massage therapy the adhesions are broken to relieve the pain and restore normal movement. In deep tissue method the therapists use massage oil. Besides chronic pain and injury treatment the deep tissue therapy is effective in providing relief from lower back pain, limited mobility, postural problems, muscle tension in the hamstrings, glutes, legs, upper back, etc., osteoarthritis, sciatica, tennis elbow, muscle spasm, and fibromyalgia. Deep tissue massage is not recommended for pregnant women, those who have osteoporosis and those who have infectious skin diseases, rashes or wounds. Also, deep tissue therapy will not be performed immediately after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Myofascial release
The purpose of the massage is to relax and loosen the muscles by applying pressure. Myofascial massage is also for loosening the muscles, but is based on the principle that stress and tension are stored in the muscles and connective tissue and as a result they become stiff causing pain and discomfort. Myofascial therapy is aimed at removing the discomfort through stretches. In this method of massage, the therapist identifies the affected areas by performing a massage and with the help of stretches he will open the muscles and connective tissue that are stiff. The massage will be focused on the muscles as well as a ligature. When the problem is more severe the therapists use traction devices. Doctors prescribe myofascial therapy as a part of pain management program. The patients who suffer due to chronic fatigue, tension and anxiety, back pain and fibromyalgia are treated by the myofascial release massage (MRM) specialists.

Get the best experiences today with this St. Louis chiropractor, the most recognized practitioner from Logan University in Chesterfield. The Daily Chiropractic and Wellness Center offers a variety of services and solutions for you - chiropractic care, auricular therapy, stop smoking help, and massage therapy sessions. We are one of the recognized and accredited St. Louis acupuncture clinics that offer the traditional techniques adapted to modern proceedings that benefit the patient.

Many lives have improved with the proven methods and expertise of Dr. Dennis Daily. Start making a change in your life and get back on the road to health. Contact us at (314) 892-8399 to get your appointment.

See you at the Daily Chiropractic and Wellness Center!



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